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DIS PhD student takes part in the ResearcherCurator programme

January 21, 2011

Clare RavenwoodThe AHRC-funded ResearcherCurator Programme offers postgraduate researchers from the Arts & Humanities faculties of six of the East Midlands’ leading universities an opportunity to gain invaluable training and practical experience in curating part of a public programme in collaboration with Nottingham’s celebrated Galleries of Justice museum. Information Science research student Clare Ravenwood has been taking part in this prestigious programme at the Galleries of Justice.

Clare said “I wasn’t sure if this programme would accept me as DIS is part of the Faculty of Science, so I am particularly pleased to have been accepted. This programme is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills; project management, event planning, engaging audiences and working with young people are valuable skills, transferable to many environments. The combination of practical experience and classroom training delivered by the Programme has been an effective way to learn these skills, which will be useful in my future career. So far the opportunity to work with research students from other universities across many disciplines has been particularly fun and rewarding and I’m really looking forward to put the training to practical use”.


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