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Information Science Students Involved In Successful World Record Attempt

November 8, 2010

From Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th October 2010, IMBS finalist students Stefano Mini and Sam Graham took part in the world’s longest football match, which took place on campus at the rubber crumb pitch opposite the swimming pool. A total of 60 hours, the equivalent of a premiership season played back-to-back, was played continuously by 36 players from Loughborough and Nottingham Universities. Players took turns in playing the match, having very little time for breaks inbetween (the longest being 3 hours on the Sunday morning).

In adverse conditions including severe wind and hail at one point during the early hours of Saturday morning, the lads continued the match until 9 o’clock on the Sunday evening. Celebrations then well and truly began, and the match was confirmed by Guinness world record officials as a World Record on the Sunday evening in front of the SKY cameras. What was more impressive was that Stefano (21), managed to break his ankle only hours into the record attempt. Undiagnosed for the first 36 hours, Stefano bravely fought on until he was taken to hospital. On his return, a cast and crutches would be his friend for the next 6-8 weeks!

The attempt, organised by Ricardo Braganza, was in aid of the Breast Cancer Campaign where, prior to the event, an estimated total of £18,000 had already been raised for a very worthwhile cause. This total continues to rise as fundraising has progressed after the event. If you would like to sponsor either Stefano or Sam, please find the links to their personal fundraising pages below:

A TV clip of Sam (talking about his eight goals), and Stefano on crutches, can be found on the Department’s Facebook page:

Sam Graham (IMBS4)

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