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Melanie Ramdarshan Bold joins DIS

October 22, 2010

Melanie joined the Department as a Lecturer in September 2010, and will be initially responsible for teaching the ‘Editing and Marketing’ module, which she hopes will be “exciting and practical”. She joins the Department from Edinburgh, where she went to University and has recently submitted her PhD Thesis at Edinburgh Napier University. She has also worked with a number of publishing companies in Paris.

Her decision to join the Department had been influenced by the admiration she has for the academic staff and also the international reputation that the Department has for its teaching and research. She commented that: “The people who work here such as Professor John Feather are well known in my field. My specialist area is copyright so Charles Oppenheim is also someone I have researched extensively”.

Melanie’s main research interests are operational practices with regards to copyright and its history. She has also been researching the Scottish publishing industry but intends to expand her research, now that she has joined the Department. Furthermore, she has expressed her interest in contemporary issues such as piracy, readership, and new business models.

Melanie considers herself as someone who is at the start of her career and is looking forward to conducting further research and working with a number of academic staff in the Department. “This is my first lecturing job and I believe that I have a lot of work to offer. I would like to work with other members of staff in this department to build on my research and teaching career”.

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