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Inese Smith retires

October 22, 2010

Inese Smith, who worked tirelessly in the Department of Information Science as a Lecturer for 29 years (including a long stint as postgraduate admissions tutor), has retired from the teaching staff.

Before joining DIS, Inese worked as a professional librarian at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji.  Inese returned to the UK in 1978 expecting little difficulty in finding a job due to her experience, but to her surprise it turned out that there were few jobs available at the time.

After contemplating a career change from librarianship, Inese decided to join a voluntary programme teaching English as a second language. “I enjoyed doing that so I thought I would begin a career in teaching”. However, before she made that change, Loughborough University advertised a Lectureship in cataloguing and classification in September 1981, which she successfully applied for.

“A Pleasure”, were the words used by Inese to describe her time at the Department. She particularly enjoyed teaching and helping students in many ways whilst working as the postgraduate admissions tutor. However, she wished she had more time for research, most of which was taken up by her administration work.

Inese remains grateful to the Department for supporting her throughout her research despite the topic being in a different field compared to the topic she teaches. “Most people research in their teaching field which I have never done. I am thankful that the Department has been so supportive and open minded to allow me to conduct research which doesn’t fit into anything that anyone else is doing in the Department”.

It is clear that Inese has enjoyed her time working in the Department. However, she admits that it has been one, which she had experienced many changes. “The most significant was the amount of time that is expected to spend on research and grant applications which is usually done at the expense of teaching”.

Despite having formally “retired”, Inese still considers herself as a busy person. She commented: “I have a lot to do in terms of publications. I already have three conferences to go to over the next 12 months”. She also remains appreciative for being made a Visiting Fellow in the Department for the next three years. “Having that link to an institution is important for conferences, meetings and publications. The Department have made things very convenient for me”.

Inese offered sage advice for other members of staff contemplating retirement – “I would recommend anyone to take the step to retirement that I did which is to work part-time because you can just slide into retirement … much easier than stopping work completely”.

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  1. Helen Jones permalink
    November 21, 2010 12:20 am

    Best wishes on your retirement Inese. I am now a full-time classifier and appreciate your teaching.

  2. Bathmavathi Krishnan (MLS student 1981-82) permalink
    February 4, 2011 4:18 pm

    Enjoyed your cataloguing & classification lessons which were made simple & logical! Was a pleasure being your student. Best wishes Inese. I took early retirement in 2004 (after serving for 25 yrs). Would love to be in touch . Bathma (Malaysia)

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