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Information Science Student contributes to Departmental research

September 29, 2010

While most second year students would have been making last minute preparations for their year-long placements or worrying about what’s in store for them in what is to be the most important academic year of their lives to date, one student has been concentrating his efforts on research carried out by the Department of Information Science (DIS).

Nick Loakes (Left), who has just completed his second year on the Information Management and Business Studies (IMBS) programme, has spent 10 weeks working alongside a team of lecturers from DIS and staff from the Pilkington Library on a research proposal based on the impact of eBooks and eReaders.

Nick has made a significant contribution to the research carried out by the Information Science department by helping to write and manage the proposal which the lecturers had been working on. In addition to working on this proposal he has had the opportunity to write a background for a journal article based on a pilot study that the DIS carried out on eReaders. As part of the research work, Nick has been looking into eReaders and how they could potentially help reluctant readers of primary school age which has recently been a major issue in the education sector.

During his 10 weeks working with the DIS team he was particularly proud of a spreadsheet he created which the library has and will be using in the future. “Potentially, in a few months time, people may be seeing the output of my work in the library itself.  I will be interested to see how this information is used as it would be great to see my work helping other students in the future”.

It is clear that Nick is proud of the time and effort he has put into making a good contribution to the research carried out by the DIS team, and believes the challenges he faced will only help improve his preparation for his final year and also his skills as a future employee.  “This has been a challenging and satisfying experience and it has taught me that, when doing research, you just have to jump in at the deep end. In the past I may have put off coursework because I didn’t know where to start, but following this experience I feel I will be better prepared for my final year and in particular my dissertation.  I have gained valuable experience that will benefit me in my final year and beyond.”

With his work for the DIS research team now completed, Nick is looking forward to viewing the end product of the research proposal he has helped with over the summer. “During the ten weeks I spent with the team the proposal has taken shape and while I have now finished my time with the department I look forward to seeing the final proposal that is to be submitted in October”

Nick believes he has enjoyed his time working with the DIS team and has got his eyes firmly set on completing a successful final year of his programme. “Overall, this has been a great experience for me. I have improved greatly at working independently, as well as gaining an insight into what our lecturers get up to when students are away. I can safely say I am looking forward to my final year a lot more now and using the skills I have developed to carry out my final year project “.

Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity he has been given.  “I would like to thank the Research School of Informatics for funding this scheme and the lecturers I have working with for helping me and welcoming me onto their team.”

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